Tango Nights presents a variety of program proposals including the most popular and traditional Argentinean Tangos. All tunes are originally composed by some of greatest Tango names including Carlos Gardel, Enrique Cadicamo and Astor Piazzolla. In most instances, the Saxophone or the flute plays the vocal part and is accompanied by the piano, an original combination for the majority of this traditional material.

Tango Nuevo - Astor Piazzolla

Astor Piazzolla is one of the most famous Argentinean composers. He is especially well known as a bandoneon player
and composer of classical music pieces which include Tango form and rhythms. Tango Nights offers a special program

dedicated to Piazzolla where the audience can enjoy a colorful selection of his work. Piazzolla frequently use to
compose and perform with various instrumental formations. Tango Nights exhibits this idea and shows the flexibility
of this genre playing with personal arrangements for different instruments.

Latin rhythms, exotic inspirations

Latin-American Rhythms have always been an inspirational source for Latin composers.These rhythms represent a
rediscovery into the traditional Latin folk music, which was also heavily explored by many European composers
who were fascinated by the exotic elements from the "new world". Several classical pieces have been composed
where one can find rhythms originating from Latin dances inspired by Tango, Rumba or Habanera

Traditional Tango

Tango Nights offers a great choice of the most popular and traditional Argentinean Tangos where you can find your favorite music for every occasion as listener or dancer! Including AdiĆ³s Muchacho, Por una cabeza, Russian Tango, Mi Buenos Aires Amigo...